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IRIS XR Sync Demo: A medical student watching a surgery recording via her iPad while the other doctor watching the same surgery through her meta quest 3.

Where Better Training
Meets Faster Adoption

leading to the best possible patient outcomes


We’re on a Mission to Revolutionize healthcare training

Our innovative platform uses augmented reality (AR) to turn real-world OR experiences into collaborative, interactive, accessible simulations accessible on any device.

Watching a recorded surdrey through a smartphone on top of a moutain.

Train anywhere that fits your lifestyle

How does IRIS change the healthcare training landscape

Any device

Easily accessible from any phone, tablet, or AR/VR headset

Any content

Real recorded content or custom created 3D content

Any time

Real time collaboration in person/remote

Any where

Learn & collaborate with anyone in a real environment


IRIS XR's revolutionary AR platform streamlines the OR Training and medical device adoption process.

Shatter the limitations of traditional training. IRIS XR's groundbreaking, real-time, collaborative AR platform transforms operating room (OR) education and medical device adoption.


We service all major medical device companies and hospitals around the world

Medical Devices

IRIS XR's collaborative AR platform shatters geographical barriers, empowering medical device companies to deliver next-generation training not just to surgeons, but to the entire OR staff, anytime, anywhere.

Effortless Learning: Ditch travel and expensive training simulations. Surgeons and staff can access interactive AR modules on any device – phone, tablet, or AR/VR glasses – simplifying learning and maximizing accessibility.

Immersive Collaboration: Walk your clients through complex procedures using AR replicating real-world scenarios. No more scheduling conflicts or travel delays.

Empowered Teams: IRIS XR fosters instant collaboration between surgeons, nurses, and technicians, ensuring everyone is on the same page for optimal outcomes.

Faster Sales Cycles: Put powerful training directly in the hands of your potential customers. Reduced training burdens lead to faster adoption of your medical devices.The result? Improved patient outcomes and a stronger, more confident OR team.


Break down barriers in healthcare training with IRIS XR Platform! This cutting-edge AR technology empowers healthcare professionals to collaborate seamlessly, either in person or remotely. Surgeons and OR staff can now engage in highly realistic training simulations replicating real-world procedures, regardless of location or device. These immersive experiences enhance competence, build confidence, and refine skills, leading to fewer errors, improved decision-making, and stronger teamwork. Ultimately, IRIS XR fosters a collaborative learning environment for better patient outcomes and improved hospital performance.

United States Patent

System for providing synchronization sharing of augmented reality content in real time across multiple devices.

Non-Provisional Patents

Patent No: US 11,522,945 B2 (12/6/2022)

Patent No: US 2023/0106709 A1

IRIS XR Vision concept: a synced expirence that can be enjoyed and shared with your family and friends


Northwell LIJ Valley Stream Hospital is participating in a pilot program for a new technology called IRIS XR.

IRIS XR is a collaborative augmented reality platform that will be used to simulate training for medical procedures chosen by the hospital staff. This innovative system allows surgeons, nurses, and other OR staff to participate in real-time training together, regardless of location. Participants can be physically present in the operating room or join remotely using their phones, tablets, or even special glasses. This pilot program has the potential to revolutionize medical training by providing a more immersive and collaborative learning experience.


Nicholas Rafkind

Nick Rafkind's career began at 21st Century Fox in sales development, where he spent 12 years, eventually leading digital ad sales teams. During this time, a passion for emerging technologies ignited, and augmented reality (AR) captured his interest.

After Fox, he transitioned to consulting for five (AR/VR) companies, leveraging his expertise in sales, marketing, and management. Notably, two of these companies were acquired by Snapchat, and a third one appointed him as their founding president. He steered this company to success until its acquisition by the Beijing Culture Fund.

Through these experiences, he identified a key limitation in the augmented reality (AR) market: an overemphasis on individual experiences limited to specific devices. This insight sparked the creation of IRIS, a real-time, collaborative AR software. Designed with accessibility in mind, IRIS, alongside his technological architect and co-founder Steve Lukas, allows users to experience AR together across any device.

Nicholas Rafkind, the CEO of IRIS XR


What do healthcare professionals say?

Luke Burton

Medical device representative at Arthrex

I'm very enthusiastic about the potential of IRIS XR. Their augmented reality training platform allows surgeons to observe new procedures repeatedly, regardless of location or time. Additionally, it trains the entire operating room team, improving communication during procedures and reducing errors.

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